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 In Living Colour

I grew up with black & white TV; the cartoon, Felix the Cat is one of my earliest memories.

Don't sit so close to the screen, you'll go blind!" was an oft-repeated instruction which carried a bit more weight in our house. Like as if my dad hadn't listened to his ma's warnings!

It was the early 70's and word spread quickly when the O'Connors, up the road, were the first in the area to get a colour set.

They had a large family with a gorgeous older sister and we were mates with her younger brother. There was no way we'd all be allowed into their living room to watch, so we planned to meet after supper and somehow get to see their TV.

We met at the supermarket and headed off. There were about 6 of us including young O'Connor. There'd be an enormous amount of trouble if we were caught looking at their new TV from the front garden and O'Connor was a bit uncomfortable with the whole thing: us spying on his family.

We made our way to the window, bent double. Star Trek was on and ...

Jaysus, look! All the blinking lights on the bridge are different colours!
And will ya look at the colours of the uniforms!
I think Spock's wearing make-up...
Jaysus, really?

Everything had changed from subtle shades of grey to gaudy technicolour.
They must've had to turn up extra early for work today. We all laughed.

I prefer black & white
It's no big deal

Within a few months, the whole of Dublin had colour tellys and everyone was glued to the snooker on Pot Black!
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