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 Let's get Physical!

I mostly had a good time with the Christian Brothers at St. Aidan's secondary school.
A bit of background here: all our teachers were male except for Miss Driscoll who took us for one period of Physical Education a week. It usually entailed hanging around in the Hall throwing basketballs to or at each other.
We also had a double "Games" period each week which comprised of 50 boys running up and down the field chasing a ball; trying to play soccer while the teacher screamed and blew the whistle to remind us to play Gaelic Football, which meant picking up the ball and punching it around.
Oh, please... Our heroes played for Liverpool or Leeds or Manchester United, not some culchie Irish County.

You could choose to play tennis. I think I tried it 3 times before I got bored and rejoined the soccer, I mean Gaelic Football. And of course, there were a few smart alecs who tried to get the teacher to agree to them doing shot-putt, discus or javelin for 2 hours a week. Not bloody likely.

For a short time you could do Cross Country Running which meant jogging around the field unsupervised, and dodging into a small wood at the bottom of the field for a quick smoke before emerging 10 minutes later, puffing and panting. They cottoned onto that soon enough and, apart from a few Tennis swots, we all milled around the field playing soccer and ignoring the teacher as long as possible.

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