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 Another Lesson

I was at a Christian Brother's Secondary (High) School and once every six months or so the Brothers would have a disco. It was usually a lack lustre affair with only boys from the school allowed, a collection of sisters and a few girlfriends.

So there I was coming out of the school disco all alone (ye poor sod!), when this little hard man - all of 10 years old, maybe - stands in front of me and says "GIS YOUR ODDS" - the cheek of it, I thought and told him to F off. Not 5 secs later, I feel a kick in my back which wheels me round to face little hardman's enormous brute of a brother. "WHAT DID YOU SAY?" - WHACK across the head, he answers for me.

Before I knew it I was lying in the street - probably in my new flares - surrounded by a whole pack and Doc Martens raining onto my body.

Now wouldn't you know it but one of the gang watching on the sidelines, who'd obviously served his time booting defenceless people lying on the ground, recognised me as Val's brother and called off his boys.

I was left to get up and continue my walk home, grateful for once that my sister was dating a member of a gang.

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