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Slums of Dublin by Tony Weldon
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Everyday English and Slang in Ireland

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George Dillion's CLUAS site

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Learn English in Ireland
Language Travel Ireland offer intensive English courses in Galway, Cork, Limerick and Dublin. Live and study in your teacher's home. We believe the best way to learn English is by living it. Students receive a unique learning and cultural experience through living with an Irish family and receiving private English lessons. Special courses include English for Business Courses, English & Farmstay programme, Sports or Culture Programme.
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Fun Easy English

Learn English online free. American English pronunciation, grammar, idioms, slang, writing, English language activities, TV, radio, surveys, tests, video lessons, travel information, and much more.
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Irish Abroad
Irish Abroad
Pete St. John
Pete St. John
- one of Ireland's leading songwriters
A Dictionary of Slang
J.M. Duckworth
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OneLook Dictionaries
- (1956688 words in 379 dictionaries now indexed) including this humble site!
Dubliner Irish Pub Spanish Translation
Spanish Translation Leader: Trusted Translations, Inc.
English Spanish Translation: English to Spanish Translation and Spanish to English translation. Quality Spanish translations at the best prices by expert Spanish translator teams.
Henry Kirwan - an Alternative Irish Site The Shamrock Club of Wisconsin
The Shamrock Club of Wisconsin
Click here for free Irish resources William Brendan McPhillips
Easton Language Education; English around the World
Colman's Irish Pub
- Coleman's Authentic Irish Pub
Spanish Translation
Spanish Translation Resources: English to Spanish
Translation, Free Online Translator, Website Translation and more from English Spanish Translations.
THE IRISH EMIGRANT site has been catering for the needs of the Irish Diaspora since February 1987.

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