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Everyday English and Slang in Ireland

Podge and Rodge are the two characters from A Scare at Bedtime, an Irish adult comedy televised puppet show. The characters were created and are produced by Ciaran Morrison and Mick O'Hara. More at: Here's a small selection of one liners uttered on their show:
  • I'm so hungry I'd eat a small child
  • She had a face on her like a well slapped arse
  • You're as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit
  • My mouth's as dry as a nun's crack
  • He has rubber-lined pockets so he can steal soup
  • He thinks manual labour is a Spanish musician
  • As funny as a burning orphanage
  • He's so camp, he shites tent pegs
  • I'm as sick as a plane to Lourdes
  • I feel like a boiled sh1te (hung-over)
  • (when leaving) I'm off like a deb's dress
  • She had a face on her that would drive rats from a barn
  • As busy as the Dalkey dole office
  • Sweatin' like a paedophile in a Barney suit
  • As tight as a nun's knickers
  • I'm so horny I'd get up on the crack of dawn
  • I'd crawl a million miles across broken glass to kiss the exhaust of the van that took her dirty knickers to the laundry.
  • No show pony but would do for a ride around the house
  • Did your mother find out who your father is yet?
  • I left her with a face like a painter's radio
  • A mickey the size of a double-value can of Right Guard!!
  • Jaysus, she could breastfeed a creche
  • As fit as a butcher's dog
  • Not even the tide would take her out
  • Mother Teresa wouldn't kiss her
  • Daz wouldn't shift her
  • Des Kelly wouldn't lay her
  • A sniper wouldn't take her out
  • Jaysus, ya wouldn't ride her into battle
  • If I'd a bag of bruised willies, I wouldn't give her one
  • She has a face on her like a bulldog that's just licked piss off a nettle
  • She wouldn't get a kick in a stampede
  • She had a fanny like a badly packed kebab
  • If I'd a garden full of mickeys, I wouldn't let her look over the wall

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